For Realtors


 Dream Home Consultants is a proud member of the Independent Home Inspectors of North America.  This means that we do not actively solicit inspection referrals from real estate agents; however, we welcome the opportunity to work with agents.  We believe that a successful relationship begins with an open and honest discussion of mutual expectations.  The following are our expectations about how we work with agents.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your expectations how we can better serve your needs.

  1. Our client is the home buyer.  We owe our client undivided loyalty.
  2. We owe everyone with an interest in the home an honest and fair assessment of the home’s condition.  An unnecessarily alarming report or an unrealistically rosy one serves nobody’s interest and we work hard to avoid such reports.  We deliver every report with an appreciation of your needs and the needs of the seller.
  3. We make judgment calls in the best interest of our client.  Every inspection requires us to make many judgments about what to report and how to report.  We try to carefully weigh the risk to our client against the cost and benefit of dealing with an issue.  If it’s a close call, we report the situation in a manner that benefits our client.
  4. We owe every agent respect, courtesy, responsiveness and professionalism.  We appreciate that you have a difficult job and that the home inspection can be one of the most difficult parts.  We pledge to do all we can to make the inspection experience as pleasant as possible for all involved.