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  1. Rightsizing Solar Photovoltaic Systems
  2. What Were They Thinking? Maintain a Safe Distance
  3. What Were They Thinking? Duct Installation and Unsafe Water Heater Blanket
  4. Know the Code
  5. A Home Inspector’s Guide to Flexible HVAC Duct Installation
  6. Swimming Pools: to Inspect or Not to Inspect
  7. One Inspector’s Journey into Infrared Thermography
  8. Supporting Inspection Findings by Citing Authoritative Sources
  9. What’s In a Name?
  10. More What’s In a Name?
  11. The Word: Uses of the Term Vent
  12. The Word: Vapor Retarders
  13. The Word: Fireplace
  14. The Word: Gas Appliance Vent Draft
  15. The Word: Fireblocking Rules
  16. The Word: Service Entrance Conductors
  17. The Word: Escape Openings
  18. The Word: Roof Framing Terms
  19. The Word: Wisdom?
  20. The Word: Electrical System Grounding and Bonding
  21. The Word: Backflow Prevention
  22. The Word: Plumbing Traps & Vents
  23. The Word: Air Conditioning Temperature Drop
  24. The Word: Stairway
  25. The Word: Scope
  26. The Word: Receptacle
  27. The Word: Electrical Panel Cabinet
  28. The Word: Body Part Names in Construction
  29. The Word: Pool Barriers
  30. The Word: Habitable Rooms
  31. The Word: Safety Glazing 1
  32. The Word: Safety Glazing 2
  33. The Word: Crawl Space Ventilation
  34. The Word: Deck Rules 1
  35. The Word: Deck Rules 2
  36. The Word: Deck Rules 3
  37. The Word: Combustion Air
  38. The Word: Chimney as Gas Vent
  39. The Word: Installing Posts Below Grade
  40. The Word: Guards (Guardrails)
  41. The Word: Electrical Cable Installation
  42. The Word: Gas Common Vents
  43. The Word: Plumbing Vents & Traps
  44. The Word: Inspection Reporting
  45. The Word: Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing & Flexible Appliance Connectors
  46. The Word: Siding ABCs (Stucco)
  47. The Word: Siding ABCs (Brick)
  48. The Word: Siding ABCs (Hardboard & Vinyl)
  49. The Word: Siding ABCs (Fiber Cement)
  50. The Word: Special Gas Venting
  51. The Word: Asphalt Shingle Roof Coverings
  52. The Word: HVAC Forced-air Ducts
  53. The Word: Old Wiring Methods
  54. The Word: Remodeling a House 2
  55. The Word: Remodeling a House 1
  56. The Word: DWV Systems
  57. The Word: Electricity
  58. The Word: Electricity Theory 2
  59. The Word: Standards of Practice
  60. The Word: Electricity Theory 1
  61. The Word: Water Heater Relief Valves
  62. The Word: Business Planning
  63. The Word: Basement Remodeling
  64. The Word: Bathroom Remodeling
  65. The Word: Kitchen Remodeling
  66. The Word: Smoke Alarms
  67. The Word: Aluminum Wiring


  1. How Much Insulation is Enough?
  2. Do I Need a Building Permit to Do That?
  3. Is a Tankless Water Heater Right For You?
  4. How to Keep Your Water Heater Running Long and Safe
  5. How to Avoid Common Problems and Costly Mistakes When Replacing Your Water Heater
  6. Installing Insulation For Maximum Effectiveness
  7. How to Avoid Fatal Energy Efficiency Installation Mistakes
  8. Solar Power Systems – Important Design Considerations
  9. Concrete Slab Cracks – Don’t Go Crackers
  10. Mold in Homes – Facts Versus Fears
  11. How Insulation Works
  12. Furnace and Heat Pump Replacement Tips
  13. Garage Door Safety – Fifteen Simple Steps to Protect Your Family
  14. What You Should Know About Heat Pumps
  15. Save Money by Changing Your Furnace Filter Regularly
  16. Home Appliances – How Long Do They Last?
  17. Remodeling – Avoid Home Improvement Disasters Involving Gas and Electricity
  18. Water Leaks – Flashing Around Windows and Doors
  19. Home Foundation Problems and Wet Basements
  20. Heating and Cooling Systems – Correcting Temperatures Differences Between Rooms