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Let us share our experience with you in person.  We can help with everything from deep technical training to lighter homeowner focused seminars.  Forums in which we work include:

  • Home Inspector Seminars and Meetings
  • Government Inspector Seminars and Meetings
  • Builder Personnel Training
  • Home Shows
  • Trade Shows

Seminars currently available include:

Exceptional Reporting (professional report writing) 2 hours
Pool and Spa Inspections 2, 4, and 8 hour versions
Predrywall Inspections 2, 4, and 8 hour versions
Fun with Fittings (plumbing DWV system) 2 and 4 hour versions
Electrical Inspections 4 and 6 hour versions
Inspection Quiz(various inspection topics in question and answer format) 2 hours
Doing Decks (deck inspections) 2 and 4 hour versions
It’s a Gas (appliances, vents, combustion air, more) 2 hours
Less Common Roof Coverings (metal, single ply membrane) 2 hours
Stucco and Adhered Masonry Veneer Wall Coverings 2 hours
The Legal Landscape (legal issues for home inspectors) 2 hours
Associates Day (The author of the NHIE Home InspectionManual presents various topics for newer inspectors) 2 hours
ICC Residential Combination Inspector ExamsReview Course 8 and 16 hour versions

 Other topics are available upon request at no additional charge.