Construction Defects


Sometimes bad things happen on good projects.  You have one expectation of the outcome and the contractor has another.  We can help analyze and mediate the different expectations and try to reach a fair resolution.

As author of the books: Everybody’s Building Code, Black & Decker’s Codes for Homeowners, and of many technical articles in industry publications, we are thoroughly versed in all aspects of national residential construction codes and standards.  We are also thoroughly versed in the standards from the National Association of Home Builders.  As a contractor and inspector for over 25 years, we are thoroughly versed in many common construction issues.  By applying our knowledge and years of experience, we can help identify the causes of problems and mediate between you and the contractor to reach a resolution that is fair to both.

Mediation saves everybody time, money, and aggravation.  Before everyone “lawyers up” and the meters start running, try the cost-effective, cooperative approach.  Even if you and your contractor can’t reach an agreement, everyone will have a much better understanding of the issues and facts.  This understanding will help in the unfortunate, time consuming, costly, and adversarial litigation process.